– Dalai Lama

Dutch Home Dreams

  Sometimes you can’t help but be green…with house envy! Like I am right now with this bright, kaleidoscope-like home owned by two Dutch creatives Anki and Casper of Zilverblauw Blog. Their home exudes a sense of fun and playfulness – they have effortlessly nailed fun pops of colour in and around their apartment and a sense…

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Make Me Over

You’re either super observant or haven’t noticed a thing, but we’ve been making a few changes around here to give Sage x Clare a mini brand makeover. Not talking a Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka Cat Woman) level makeover but a few changes nonetheless! It’s coming up to our third birthday (where did that time go?!) and we thought…

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Light Me Up

As you all know we have a strong bond with India… I have travelled there extensively since starting Sage x Clare and we have this amazing Subcontinent to thank for our handmade and colourful products season after season. While we’ve been busy celebrating the recent Spring Carnival and are preparing ourselves for crazy Christmas, we also take a keen interest…

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Shashi’s Chai Tea

As Melbourne is taking a little longer to warm up this Spring we thought it would be nice to revisit a journal entry we wrote a few years ago. We’ve come a long way since then, and yet there are still some special moments that we often reminisce about. This is a particularly treasured one…

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