Have you ever wondered what it’s like on shoot days? Well we’ve got your back – read on to get the low down on a typical day behind the scenes.

S+C D3 203See, Billy’s already tired…

So what’s it like in reality? Shoot days are BIG, like, really BIG. We start on the first day around 8am on location. In this instance we shot at Phoebe’s private home in North Warrandyte, Victoria. If you’ve never been to this part of the world, let me tell you, it’s pretty spectacular. Phoebe’s house is perched atop a hill on the edge of a deep valley that slowly climbs up to overlook the majestic Dandenong Ranges. The first time I looked through her floor to ceiling windows I literally gasped at the beauty. The location was perfect to emulate the tree house vibe that the Terra Collection lends itself to.

S+C1 209

See, pretty amazing right? So where was I? Oh right, early morning start. Everyone’s pretty excited as it’s the first time they’ve seen the new range so there’s lots of ohhhh-ing and ahhhh-ing for the first 20 minutes while the photographer sets up the first shot.

Then it is all systems go. Iron. Dress bed. Shoot. Undress bed. And repeat fifty times over.

S+C1 352Noël and Janneke working their magic. Artwork Natalie Jade.
SC D2 130Noël and Julia making beds look amazing. Bedhead CCSS, artwork Natalie Jade, wall hanging Braer, light Lights, Lights, Lights and table lamp Moda Piera.
S+C1 254 1Aunty duties for Pheebs while Janekke and Noël style the lounge shot. Lights Lights, Lights, Lights

The first day of shooting is generally a lot slower than the next few days as everyone’s getting a feel for the location, the products and how to capture the essence of the range. But this shoot was different. The range and the location sat so perfectly together that by lunchtime we had captured a crazy amount of shots which essentially meant we could afford a few playful moments.

SC D2 516Oh, you asked me to hand her the blanket, not throw it on her head…my bad. Al’s dress Posse. Phoebe’s pants Jesse Kamm.

Time flies and before you know it everyone’s pretty hungry. Fortunately Jemma from Soda and Stitch, who also happens to be Phoebe’s twin sister and one of the best cooks I’ve come across, made us an amazing feast across all three days of shooting. There’s nothing better than being fed and watered to keep you pumping out the shots!

S+C D3 010That’s Jem with baby Nelly. Did I forgot to mention she managed to feed us all AND take care of 3 month old Nelly? She’s amazing right?
S+C1 334Never underestimate how difficult it is to get a bean bag to sit juuuuust right. Table lamp CCSS, coffee table Sarah Ellison from Life Interiors, artwork Natalie Jade.
S+C1 305Alex, Jess and Janneke holding the incredibly heavy mirror in place. Mirror Sarah Ellison from Life Interiors, pots from Pop and Scott.
S+C D3 167What is with all the mirrors?! Lights from Lights, Lights, Lights.

Did I mention how hot it was? It was a stinka! Mid 30’s each day and no doubt you can tell from the “healthy glow” across our faces that it got a little hot in there with so many people. But as they say “the show must go on!”

SC D2 627Alex and Al doing their thing. Ok Alex is working and Al is just getting her sweat on. Lights Lights, Lights, Lights.
SC D2 335Even Billy needed a cool, quiet spot to rest. Chairs CCSS
SC D2 348Righto Billy, out of the way!
S+C1 368In case you’re wondering why we hold so much artwork, it’s so our super talented photographer Armelle can place the artwork into the shot post production. Bedhead CCSS, Lights Lights, Lights, Lights.

SC D2 573

Before we knew it, Jude was arriving home from childcare and it was almost time to call it a day.

S+C1 439Just a boy and his Mummy. Bedhead CCSS, lights Lights, Lights, Lights.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this little snippet of what happens behind the scenes! I’d love to hear more on what you’d like to see, so send us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.

With love,


Photography Armelle Habib with assist Edwina Hollick. Styling Julia Green and Noël Coughlan with assist from Alison Lewis, Alex Carter, Aisha Chaudhry, Erin Mellington, Janneke Coyle and Jess Retallack.

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