Yes it’s true!! Our Rumah Collection (like what I did there!?) launched last night and we’ve been doing a happy dance over at Sage x Clare HQ today. The overwhelming response to our new collection has seriously given us shivers up the spine, gratitude is an understatement. Obvs, we wouldn’t be what we are without our amazing customers so we thought we’d take you on a visual journey of our amazing new range.

Rumah Collection Low Res 66

1. Kendara Chainstitch Cushion $159.00 2. Taman Basketweave Cushion $159.00 3. Candi Knit Blanket $269.00 4. Asmara Velvet Sham – Ochre $159.00 5. Flores Embroidered Cushion $159.00 Armchairs and coffee table The Tailored Store  Bag Bungalow LivingRumah Collection Low Res 21
1. Candi Knit Blanket $269.00 2. Inaya Shag Cushion – Coconut $159.00 3. Anders Berber Wool Rug $999.00 Armchairs Souq Store Side Table Bungalow Living Pendant The Tailored StoreRumah Collection - Sage and Clare 14
1. Nusa Fringe Cushion $169.00 2. Meno Beaded Clutch $69.00 3. Harlow Waffle Hand Towel – Peacock $39.00 4. Inaya Shag Cushion – Coconut $159.00 4. Harlow Waffle Bath Sheet – Peacock $79.00 Chair Souq Store

Like all creatives, Phoebe’s (that’s the boss lady, designer, creator and all round gorgeous woman you see below in case you didn’t know) mind is always thinking about the next range and sometimes the next, next range!

Rumah Collection - Sage and Clare 65

1. Taman Basketweave Cushion $159.00 2. Pandawa Patchwork Bedcover $399.00 3. Kubu Linen Pillowcase Set $99.00 4. Asmara Velvet Sham – Coconut $159.00 5. Linen Quilt Cover – Blush From $285.00 6. Linen Flat Sheet – Moss From $179.00 7. Desa Chainstitch Cushion $159.00 8. Bedari Velvet Pillowcase – Scarlet $45.00 9. Bedari Velvet Pillowcase – Lavender $45.00 Side Table Bungalow Living

So it was perfect timing that we happened to be holidaying in Bali a little over a year ago (we’re friends as well as colleagues) at the hidden gem that is Villa Bella Bali when the inspiration for the Rumah Collection was born.

Bali Travel05Bali Travel06.jpgBali Travel20From there Phoebe used vintage Batik and indigenous fabric design as the foundation for the new range and gave it the Sage x Clare contemporary twist and killer colour palette we’ve all come to know and love. I think we can all agree that the new collection embodies that amazing tropical summer spirit…all we need now is the weather gods to deliver the summer!Rumah Collection - Sage and Clare 26

1. Nusa Fringe Cushion $169.00 2. Desa Chainstitch Cushion $159.00 3. Inaya Shag Cushion – Coconut $159.00 4. Inaya Shag Cushion – Mint $159.00 5. Tugu Embroidered Cushion $159.00 6. Gili Beaded Cushion $159.00 7. Raya Knit Cushion $159.00 Chair Souq Store Side Table Bungalow Living

Rumah Collection - Sage and Clare 5

Harlow Waffle Bath Sheet – Ochre $79.00

Rumah Collection - Sage and Clare 70

1. Uma Linen Pillowcase Set $99.00 2. Penida Check Linen Pillowcase Set – Coconut $99.00 3. Paloma Linen Standard Pillowcase Set $99.00 4. Bedari Velvet Pillowcase – Lavender $45.00 5. Balian Linen Pillowcase Set $99.00 6. Kubu Linen Pillowcase Set $99.00 7. Bedari Velvet Pillowcase – Scarlet $45.00

Rumah Collection Low Res 84

1. Harlow Waffle Bath Sheet – Ochre $79.00 2. Nirmala Tassel Clutch $59.00 Glass and Stirrer Souq Store

It’s one of our most fave places in the world – hope you love it as much as we do!

With love,


Styling: Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors, Nöel Coughlan from NC Interiors

All Images: Armelle Habib

Style Assist: Alison Lewis

Location: Villa Wahah (you guys are amazing!)

Thanks to the amazing Bali businesses that loaned their products to us for this shoot. We couldn’t have done it without you! Bungalow Living Bali, Souq Bali, The Tailored Store Bali.

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