Hero image1. Farrah Camo Pillowcase $45.00 2. Tahli Stripe Pillowcase $45.00 3. Linen Standard Pillowcase Set – Blush $85.00 4. Claudia Camo Bedcover $399.00 5. Darcy Ticking Quilt Cover Aqua / Ruby from $179.00 6. Nerida Felted Wool Rug $399.00 7. Linen Flat Sheet – Blush $179.00

I seriously love that warm and fuzzy feeling I get once I’ve styled up a bed, it’s the little things in life right?! I recently chatted with Home Beautiful on how to create a room with beautiful layers by following a series of key steps. Of course, I wanted to share them with you so you too can find your path to interiors happiness.

  1. Starting with your sheets, choose linen with a colour that works in with the rest of the look. It doesn’t need to look deliberately matched, but sheets in a neutral or a soft colour often works well and will give your bed a great foundation without being the main player.

  2. Next, look at your pillowcases and have some fun with them. Gone are the days where bedlinen must be in a set – we now have lots more freedom around mixing and matching, which is also a really easy and affordable way to mix up the look of your bedroom.

At Sage x Clarewe tend to choose four individual pillowcases with a common thread across the colour palette. If you have patterned pillows, make sure you have them in a variety of print scales – this is the secret to pattern-on-pattern looking curated rather than a mish-mash.

  1. Depending on your style, you may like to choose a plain or patterned quilt cover that ties in with one or two of your pillowcases. Again, your colour palette is really important here as it will bring the look together.

  2. Beds always look more finished with either a blanket or bedcover draped across the end. This will break up the expanse of bed and keep it feeling layered. When considering a blanket or bedcover, keep texture at the forefront of your mind as this is the place to bring it in!

sageandclarebarrku1. Linen Euro Pillowcase Set – Moonlight $95.00 2. Linen Euro Pillowcase Set – Chambray $95.00 3. Linen Standard Pillowcase Set – Moss$85.00 4. Linen Standard Pillowcase Set – Moonlight $85.00 5. Linen Flat Sheet – Chambray $179.00 6. Linen Quilt Cover – Aegean $285.00 7. Esther Tufted Blanket $279.00

  1. How many cushions are too many!? There’s no right or wrong answer here but we do love a cushion or four! Two large Euro size cushions in block colours to place behind your pillowcases and a couple of smaller textural cushions at the front will certainly complete the look.

  2. When it comes to making the bed, it doesn’t need to be perfect. A small amount of looseness is actually more forgiving and will give it a laid-back vibe that is in keeping with what a bed should be – a place to rest and relax.

  3. If you’ve got plenty of pattern and layers in the room, then it’s always a good idea to keep your bedside tables simple and clear of clutter. A curation of books, a beautiful lamp and some greenery is all you need!

So if you’re ready to take the pattern plunge, be sure to visit us at Sage x Clare or shop the look above.

With love,


Photography: Annette O’Brien

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