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It’s no secret that I am fascinated with India… It inspired Sage x Clare after all and I’m still as in awe of the creativity and artisanship emerging from this amazing country as ever. When Tegan, our marketing coordinator, came back from Japan with some snaps of N.S. Harsha’s paintings on exhibition at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (another one to pop on the Japan bucket list), I couldn’t help but smile at his extraordinary recognition and achievement in the ‘art world’.

N. S. Harsha, now a prolific painter and installation artist, was born in 1969 in southern India’s ancient capital Mysuru, where he continues to reside and pursue his artistic practice. His work is inspired by the diversity of life around him, from the cultural traditions that are still evident in the area he lives in, to his natural surroundings and the everyday relationships between the locals and neighbouring flora and fauna. His work is incredibly detailed and depicts an authentic narrative on the day to day life of his fascinating home.

He’s certainly one to watch and just another fine example of the true creative genius discoverable around the world.


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