Ooh lala! If last week’s Paris Fashion week is anything to go by, it seems checks and gingham are well and truly back! We already predicted this with our latest Marais Collection and I’m not going to lie… I always like to keep one eye on fashion and feel a little bit chuffed when our latest collection is totally on point!

There is something so nostalgic about a gingham or a check and, like these stylish babes, I love how versatile this fabric is! Clearly these fashionistas have had fun mixing and matching this retro styled fabric in their own unique way, expressing their own personality and elevating this somewhat traditional fabric into a contemporary context (as we always advise you lovely Sage x Clare devotees to do!).

Taking inspiration from Paris, we hope you too have fun mixing n’ matching, playing and layering our uniquely designed checks and ginghams from our latest Marais Collection!

Bisou xx

Images via Elle

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