You’re either super observant or haven’t noticed a thing, but we’ve been making a few changes around here to give Sage x Clare a mini brand makeover. Not talking a Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka Cat Woman) level makeover but a few changes nonetheless!

It’s coming up to our third birthday (where did that time go?!) and we thought it was time to freshen up our logo and packaging as a lot has changed since I dreamt up this little business all that time ago. We collaborated with my sister Jemma, from Soda + Stitchto give our logo a new pattern and colour palette as well as create a complimentary brand print. Aren’t those colours just the best? Love your work Jem! Tegan, my in-house extraordinaire, then set to work on creating new packaging – some of which you might have already started to see.

Our aim is to make receiving your Sage x Clare parcels that much more special. I hope we achieved what we set out to and you feel all that extra love and gratitude coming your way!!!


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