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Very excited to share this latest little gem with you… As many of you know, our new Atlas Collection recently launched and is very close to hitting our shores finally. Sooooo excited! But that also means it’s time to turn my mind to the next collection – that’s right, the one that we’ll be unveiling in 5 or 6 months time. I get my inspiration from all over the place – travel, Instagram, blogs, mags and little everyday moments – but I gotta say, Bec’s home from Sugar Shack Styling Co, is taking the cake right now in the inspo stakes.

I recently discovered her via Instagram (as most discoveries seem to come from these days!) and as a fellow lover of vintage, eclectic, boho vibes I was pretty enamoured with her look to say the least. Rare to see a home so individually decorated these days… It’s just perfect in its imperfections and everything a home should be – an authentic, unapologetic reflection of the people that live there. Hope you enjoy this kitsch, rough-around-the-edges, magical little surf shack as much as I do. Follow Bec on Insta too for your daily fix of life in the shack. I’m in luuuuurrrvvee x

Images via Apartment Therapy

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