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We’re so very excited to share with you our new range!

Inspired by vintage textiles from around the world, the Caravan Collection will take you on a multicultural journey. Bringing you textures, prints and embellishments for the modern bohemian home.

Our caravan traversed faraway lands on a journey spanning continents. From Mali to Morocco, India to Mexico, we present you a collection that references these inspiring cultures.

We come full circle to a place we fondly call home – down under. Crisp and bright days, casual living, natural textures at the heart of our design aesthetic. Nothing beats an Aussie Summer – the Caravan Collection encapsulating our cool attitude and Summer lifestyle.

Now available for pre-order!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 2.17.08 pm

Photography by Annette O’Brien, Styling by Julia Green for Greenhouse Interiors. Style Assist by Noël Coughlan and Photography Assist by Sorell Wilson

6 replies on “The Caravan Collection

  1. I just love how chill and comfy the place is. It screams out bohemian and trendy at the same time. And i notice the contrast of different textures and patterns. Ugh i love itt!!

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