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A few months ago, I did a post on an exciting project I was working on… And then life and a 7 week work trip to India got in the way and I totally forgot to reveal what it was. Whoops! So, here goes…

I’d already designed Light Space Yoga‘s first studio in Balwyn so when they asked me to get involved in their second Mitcham studio, I was flattered and excited! Recently, for a press article, I was asked to share my approach to the design of the studio:

“When Light Space Yoga approached me to design their yoga studio, I immediately knew I wanted to create a space that was serene, calm and inspiring to be in. I had to essentially take an office space and make it an inviting sanctuary for yogis of all levels. It was important to use materials that are natural or handmade, including most of the yoga props themselves, as yoga practice is about returning to the humble, simple experience of ‘being’. Everything in the studio needed to represent this, so that yoga goers could walk through the studio door, shrug of the stresses of their day, and return to their breathe. It wasn’t just about creating a beautiful space, but also creating a space that is conducive to and enhances the practice of yoga.”

So that was my goal, my hope, my vision… But, could I do it?!

I’m not sure whether designers ever have moments of self-doubt in turning a vision into reality. As a qualified lawyer turned Sage and Clare founder, I still feel strange identifying myself as a designer. Every new range I design, or creative project I work on, there’s a niggling self-doubt there about whether I’m capable. With this project, I had plenty of balls in the air – not just in designing the interiors but all the ply furniture, yoga props, cushions, rug and commissioning the photographic wallpaper. Now that’s what I call ‘bespoke’!

So, when it all came together, and as I’d envisioned, I was over the moon. It was another lesson in learning to push myself, step out of my comfort zone, and ultimately trust. What do you think?!

It’s now open and full to the brim with classes if you’re a local and keen to see for yourself! Xx

P.s. Blankets available for purchase online and bolsters available through Light Space Yoga.

Styling by me, Photography by Reuben Gates

2 replies on “Light Space

  1. I’m a newbie yoga devotee! I’ve attended a few classes at the Mitcham studio and I must admit I was attracted to the studio after seeing a post about this beautiful space. It is really a lovely place to escape the outside world. Beautiful work.

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