Soda + Stitch0572soda + stitch 1 soda + stitch 2 soda + stitch 3 soda + stitch 4Soda + Stitch0583Soda + Stitch0631Soda + Stitch0579

Very excited to announce the launch of Soda + Stitch! My insanely talented sister (I would have the same opinion if we were unrelated – promise!) has been working on this range of fabrics since landing in Jaipur to live and I’m proud as punch to see it now online… Staying true to her passion, she designed this colourful range of textiles in signature playful prints, ready for you to put your own creative stamp on them. Cushions, curtains, upholstery – the choice is yours!

Each design is block-printed by the hands of an artisan, a technique that I adore using in my own ranges for its ancient tradition, artisanal skill and handmade quality. To choose a favourite design would be like choosing a favourite child… but if I had to, it would be a toss up between ‘Aeroplane Jelly’ and ‘Ditsy Daisy’.

Jem has plenty more in the works too – we’ve seen the initial designs for kids bedlinen and cushions and they are AAHHMAAAZING!!! Head to Soda + Stitch for more and stay tuned for the kids range.


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