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“It has to be mad and it has to be beautiful”, says Loulou Van Damme, a designer, stylist and restaurateur, with which I would have to agree with. I recently read about Loulou in a New York Times article, immediately taken in by the title. As I read on, I was completely captivated by Loulou’s full-circle journey, one that began in the hill stations in India and has now returned.

Since beginning Sage and Clare, we often wonder about our own journey and ultimate dream to relocate to India. With most of our collections being handmade there and a growing need to travel there, it seems a slightly crazy yet plausible thought that perhaps we should be living on this incredible subcontinent. It has definitely stolen our hearts and I’ve already lost my sister to it, who moved to Jaipur in July…

I was heartened by Loulou’s story and it has inched us that little bit closer to taking the plunge. Xx

Read the full article here – you won’t be disappointed!

Photography by Simon Roberts via T Magazine

32 replies on “A Passage To India

  1. Absolutely inspired by your post & link on Loulou Van Damme – would love to have her as a mentor! Personally, if you are mulling over taking a ‘plunge’ (I too ‘plunged’ with an international relocation and with subsequently a business) then I wish you all the luck in the world with it – and would gently encourage you to consider whether it maybe something you will regret trying if you in fact do not do it……….with Sage & Clare you certainly have a lot of fans to support your decision whatever! Love the blog and site, happy customer too!

    1. Hi Alex… Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement. Yes, I completely agree with you and fear that if we don’t do it then we’ll look back and wish we had! Where did you relocate? Thanks for the advice and positive feedback! xx

      1. I up-sticks from the UK to Melbourne with husband & our 5 year old & 6 month old baby…..culturally not a big stretch but a big wrench leaving everyone there at that stage in our lives. We knew however that it was just something we needed to do. Taking ourselves out of our comfort zone!! I think that it is only a certain type of person who opens themselves up to embracing change? Must be a certain level of madness in us! Look forward to following you on your adventure where-ever it takes you….

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  3. I have to tell you that sitting here at the age of 85 we can say “…we did it” and are happy. We took off from England with a 7 yr. old, and a 3 yr. old, both daughters, and went to Africa, living in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), then, after six years, to Canada and the U.S. The thought of maybe NOT having done it is unbearable. Imagine yourself there, enjoy your dreams, and GO!!! Take every opportunity, life is short.

    1. Wow that sounds like quite an adventure!! What a courageous thing you did with your children and great to hear you never looked back. The more I think about it, the more right it feels for my Husband and I. I’ll be keeping you posted on our journey! India is definitely a land of opportunity xx

  4. Я странник Млечного Пути,
    Я путник странных впечатлений
    Устал, средь долгого пути,
    Бродить по смыслам и явленьям…
    Как долог век – как Путь Богов
    Прошел , цепляясь за основы
    Но истины порог и силы – я не нашел
    Средь берегов Пустыни дикой и унылой…
    Искал я истину в вине
    Людскою кровью упиваясь
    Средь вод гремучих и огне
    Бездонным смыслом удивляясь!
    Но не нашел желанный камень –
    Разворотив с десяток гор,
    Тогда не Бог меня поправил –
    А дьявол: дал и хлеб и кров…
    Я с головой не погрузился
    В путину веры во Христа
    От скверны я освободился
    Не в Божьем Храме у Креста…
    Я искупал вину в вине
    Я падал ниц, вставая снова…
    В Аду не раз пылал в огне
    Но в жизни – я снимал оковы!

  5. Hello Phoebe

    Nice post. I rarely get to hear the word ‘Incredible’ from the travellers abroad, who usually come across not so good experiences in India. But, knowingly or unknowingly, you have chosen the right places in India for the right experiences.

    The hills in India are indeed incredible and these pictures remind me of my ventures around the Uttarakhand and Arunachal mountains. Looking forward to know more of India from you… 🙂

  6. Having backpacked solo for a month in India in 1985, mainly in Rajasthan, your blog and the NY Times article brought back loads of memories. I’d love to return to India for much longer in the near future.

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