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It is pretty hard to stand out in the online world (trust me, I know!) but every now and again I stumble across a jewel. I think calling Moda Familia a blog is wildly unfair, so I’m going to brand it my new favourite online publication. For someone who is online for hours a day, that is quite a call!

I literally love everything about this online space. The design, brand aesthetic, ambitious writing, dreamy photography, oh the list could go on! But what I love most is the theme that ties it all together – working Mums and their children. Now hold up – I’m not talking about the best brand of nappy rash cream (oh no!) or the latest sleep school (definitely not!)… I’m talking inspiring women, fused with fashion, interiors, life lessons, mindfulness and family. From Pippa Holt to Mimi Thorisson, it is aspirational, content-rich and I am addicted!

I don’t even have kids… Need I say more?

Image via Moda Familia. Photography by Oddur Thorisson.



2 replies on “Moda Familia

  1. Dearest Phoebe, Oh wow! Thank you for your kind words! I’m so thrilled you like the site – I have always admired those inspirational women around me, and throughout the world, who juggle the demands of work and family life whilst still maintaining their own creative viewpoint and sense of style. I’ve learnt that sometimes there’s balance in their lives, often it’s chaotic, but there is always great love and laughs, and I wanted to celebrate that. Thank you again for your post. Your site and homewares are so beautiful! Natasha X

    1. Hi Natasha. My absolute pleasure! I worked with Naomi Smith a little while ago who referred me to Moda Familia and I have been in love ever since. You do an unbelievable job and I am inspired every time I go to your page. Very few quality online publications out there and I would sincerely put yours at the top. I wish you great success. Phoebe x

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