Camera Shy

I very recently made it a small goal of mine to start uploading more outfit posts, in amongst the multitude of inspiring things I chance upon day-to-day. One small problem though – I hate having my photo taken… I just feel awkward, shy, and well, I don’t like posing nor do I actually know how to pose. It seems my dog Billy on the other hand, is more than happy to jump into frame – in fact, I struggle to get him out! If he could talk, I’d ask for some pointers…

Cape/AllSaints, Denim/AllSaints, Shoes/Choies, Bag/Marc Jacobs


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  1. Ha! Puppies always steal the show. You look great nothing to be shy about (I do, however, understand the sentiment)!

  2. Totally understand the awkward feeling, but glad you posted. Love your style… effortless but with a clear fashion point. -xo, RR

  3. Beautiful picture! You have such a pure face. And such pretty eyes!
    Nothing to feel ashamed of!


  4. That is such a cute dog! Love the cape

  5. Thanks for all of your amazingly kind comments! X


  7. Lovely style & gorgeous puppy!!!

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