I’ve got a bit of a thing for books. Not only do they provide an endless source of inspiration, I also love them stacked around the home. Every so often I go on a book splurge and spend days putting together my ideal book list, buy online, and then await my package of crisp, beautiful books to arrive. While I was in India for 10 weeks, I could not stop buying books – which is rather senseless when traveling. I carted them around, sent some home, and even paid a rather expensive excess baggage fee rather than offload any of them at the airport. I bet you’re thinking I’m crazy… and yes, I would tend to agree. Here are some stacks around my home, which make up a very small amount of books I own. I could almost have a library….

What are you guys reading right now?

6 replies on “Almost Library

  1. ah i love this. what great pictures! i am currently just finished woody allen’s without feathers. such a hilarious book if you are a fan of his. i am a college student and one of my favorite ways to decorate my dorm and make it more personalized is to display my favorite books (i am a english major after all!) im so happy i stumbled upon your blog through wordpress. would love for you to check out my new blog! i just started blogging on sunday and would appreciate any feedback i get, thanks!

    the degenerate beauty queen

    1. You must have a great selection of books if you’re doing an English major! Congratulations on starting a blog too – always a big step. I’ll definitely check it out x

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