Perhaps it is just wishful thinking, but with the popularity of blogs and online stores like Etsy, I feel like a more conscious consumerism is emerging. Sure, it is still so easy to jump on Strawberrynet or head to your nearest department store, but it feels so much more rewarding to purchase and support an actual individual striving to make their mark on this earth. With the time spent working on my own business and deciding what type of products and industries I want to support, I’ve really begun looking closely and admiring others out there who have a gift and passion that they share in their own small way. Which is why I was so taken by these exquisite hand-crafted, mostly organic, apothecary products. The brains behind FIG+YARROW, Brandy, describes her business as ‘essentially just a lady working away in her humble studio/kitchen’ practicing a form of kitchen alchemy. I cannot wait to try these products, made even more magic by the fact that each one has been made by hand with love.

To view the range and find out more, head here

Images via Etsy

2 replies on “Fig+Yarrow

  1. Experts say that when (if?) the price of fuel and gasoline get too high to justify all the cheap imports we are used to having, “cottage industries” and creative home products will begin to thrive again. That will be long overdue for my taste, as I am really tired of mass-produced, boring, throw-away goods and eating the same range of food as everyone else because we all shop in the same big boxes. (End rant!)

  2. Reblogged this on cotterb and commented:
    I agree! People are once more beginning to appreciate earnest hard work and craftsmanship. If you know the story that accompanies an item, or you can hypothesize as to what its story is: who planned it, who made it and held it and felt proud of it; the item is made emotionally valuable as well as materially. Intrinsic value and all that. The Western world is only begging to find firm footholds to claw its way out of multiple recessions, so I wouldn’t say ‘conscious consumerism’ (a very good way to put it) can be expected of most people at the moment, but I’m sure it will be adopted more widely and with more enthusiasm in decades to come.

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