I honestly don’t believe I’ve seen a more visually delightful blog in all my years of perusing pretty image upon pretty image. Fig and Fauna is a blog based around farm life – and all that it entails. Browsing through the blog is almost enough to compel me to move to the country, live off the land, raise farm animals, have babies, spend my days cooking (and I don’t even really like cooking!), and delight in yummy picnics. Thank you Megan Martin for your inspiring blog and to Rose Martin for those jaw-droppingly beautiful images.

Images from Fig and Fauna

5 replies on “Fig And Fauna

  1. Ok the little girls one piece bathingsuit is BeYond adorable!! This collection of photos are so warm and fuzzy, makes you want an invite to the farms next relaxing sunny day 🙂

  2. I am completely, utterly in LOVE with Fig & Fauna. It’s my dream to one day own a little farm by the sea and until I reach that dream, I live vicariously through F&F! Thank you for the beautiful post!!! xoxo

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