When I stumbled across Kari Herer’s still life photography artwork I was… how do I put it in words?… Exhilarated, thrilled, enlivened, completely and utterly inspired! Not only am I wholly enchanted with the talents and creativity of the people that surround me, but it is also the incredible strangers in the world that touch and amaze me. Find these stunning works of art here

91 replies on “The Fox And The Flower

  1. Reblogged this on citizenfable and commented:
    My spirit animal is a fox, and my best friend is a beautiful flower… Thanks to Sage + Clare who = a blog you should follow! And to Kari Herer! Keep up the good work all!

  2. Kari’s work is quite cool. Thanks for highlighting it. And I’m sure she’ll thank you. Or bring this blog post to her attention.

  3. What a brilliant idea!!! Such amazing work. Making all these animals with flowers and sketches is just an incredible idea!
    Congrats for being on Freshly Pressed!

  4. I’m totally blushing right now. Thank you so much for posting and all the wonderful comments.

    No, the flowers are not dried. They are always fresh so I have to work really quick and in season. The magnolia only last off the tree for a few hours. So delicate!

    1. Hi Kari – Your work is utterly breathtaking and I was so excited to share it when I stumbled across it on Etsy. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading through all the lovely comments!

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