So, I’m not going to con you with the usual beauty drivel – no, you won’t look like any of the Victoria’s Secret models, or have ridiculously perfect airbrushed skin, or fool anyone that you are not wearing ANY makeup. Unless, of course, you already look like this and all I can say is ‘lucky you!’ But, if you’re not expecting miracles, these products are the best I’ve ever used – and I have used a small fortune’s worth!

Terry de Gunzburg, the genius behind these By Terry products is French (need I say more!), is responsible for bringing you YSL’s cult favourite Touche Eclat, and has worked with the greatest names in fashion and beauty. However, if you don’t want to sell your car for some new additions to your makeup bag, I suggest you head here or find a dear friend overseas who you can send on a makeup mission (assuming you’re in Australia like me).

As for Mac– well don’t we all have a ‘can’t live without product’ from Mac?! Mine is this lip balm. What is yours?

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