Love the forest green colour and silhouette of this latest purchase. The leather is unbelievably soft! But, what I love most about it is that I bought it off a very friendly man in… Dharavi  slum! He invited me to enter a room  – off a tiny alleyway in the heart of the slum – which opened out into a showroom that held a treasure chest of the most amazing leather jackets, skirts, and dresses. Sometimes you can find your fashion fix in the most unusual of places…

2 replies on “Forest Green

  1. The jacket’s beautiful. I just saw a doco on the Dharavi slum – it was Kevin McCloud’s ‘Slumming it’. It looks like the people who live and work there are friendly and hardworking ordinary people.
    I just did a beautiful leather coat out of India for Edenstar – the quality is divine – lamb leather soft as butter. Let’s catch up soon.

    1. I’ve seen that doco too – amazing! I would say it is fairly accurate of Dharavi slum too. Chris and I left feeling strangely uplifted. Looking forward to catching up to discuss India and to see your beautiful designs x

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