DIY Quilt Light

Now described as ‘the darling of Australian craft design’, Tamara Maynes is the DIY genius behind these quilt lights. Available for purchase from the six week boutique, these lights will come in the form of a template, all ready for you to paint, washi tape, stitch, or embellish in whichever way takes your fancy. And if you don’t like DIYing on your lonesome, workshops are also available to join fellow inspired DIYers in Melbourne and Sydney. I fear, in a short while, you’ll find me covered in washi tape and cardboard clippings, sitting in a home lit up like a Christmas tree. I can get sorta addicted to these projects…


With MBFWA coming to a close a whole week ago, I’m a little bit slow on the uptake here. Hopefully better late than never right?! Call me a cynic, but many of the photos snapped under the general banner of street style seem a little too try-hard at times. It feels like so much time and energy is exhausted on sporting the right look, the coolest trend, that the beauty of fashion and ‘street’ style gets a little bit lost. So, rather than post snaps without thought, I chose these images for their intrinsic sense of authenticity – no backward caps here!

Images from, fashionmenow, studded hearts, oystermag, vogue australia, ohjamie


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