Marie Olsson Nylander

Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 1 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 2 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 3 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 4 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 5 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 6 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 7 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 8 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 9 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 10 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 11 Marie Olsson Nylander Interiors 12

Marie Olsson Nylander… you genius

Images via Oracle Fox 



Age of Innocence

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Love this story by Un-titled Project

Hunky Dory

Currently obsessing over Swedish label Hunky Dory’s Fall/Winter ’12 campaign. Photographed by Marcus Ohlsson and modelled by Anna Selezneva, it brings casual to a new level…

Happy Wednesday

Today is the release of the Nowhere SS12 collection! I kinda didn’t want to tell you about it but that would be selfish, wouldn’t it? Happy shopping – here x

Nowhere SS12

Rejoice!! Elin Kling and Nhu Duong are about to release their second collection… I have been waiting for quite some time to see it and these pics give me enough of a glimpse to know that it will deliver the stylish simplicity it did in the first collection. Available next week on Nelly, I dare say I will be madly searching for an internet signal that will sustain an online shopping splurge (not the easiest thing to find in India!) x

UPDATE - Pretty exciting news! My Catwalk has just launched Nowhere for sale on their website – perfect for all us Aussies out there who are terribly left behind when it comes to shipping. Available now for pre-purchase.

Images courtesy of Style by Kling


While I can’t understand a word of this magazine (as it is all in Swedish), I still love the styling and photography that creative director Elin Kling brings to every issue. The next one is out tomorrow! Can’t wait to get reading… Or should I say, looking at the pretty pictures…20120326-202329.jpg









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