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I made a fairly big life decision recently and moved to India… Yep, packed up and moved to India. I’ve already found a shop that sells real cheese and ferrero rochers so life is looking pretty rosy really. Especially when I get treated to romantic little getaways, like this one, at Dadhikar Fort…

Jemmi x 



Sky High


As if we hadn’t fallen for India enough, our recent six weeks there just deepened our love for this complex, maddening and inspiring place. I can’t say what it is, but I am addicted. We sadly left Jaipur after spending day in day out with our suppliers and friends, who become somewhat of a second family while we’re away. From our supplier, Bharat, who tells us all our designs are “Marvellous!” (what an underused word that is) to our newly made expat friends in Jaipur, our time in India was incredible.

Of course, in amongst long days working, we found an early morning to do something exhilarating – hot air ballooning over the Amber Fort and surrounds… Exhilarating doesn’t really even do this justice. Magical, astounding, stunning, thrilling – nope words just don’t cut it. In a country of over a billion people, to see India from the air away from the honking horns and hordes of people, is simply unforgettable. We took off near the imposing Amber Fort, before flying over the surrounding Aravalli ranges and villages. This I will certainly never forget! If you ever make it to Jaipur, make sure you do this (details below)…

We’re now in Istanbul on the hunt for kilims, pestemals and other treasures – with a few apple tea and turkish delight breaks along the way. We’ll keep you posted!

Much love xx

Hot Air Ballooning with Sky Waltz in Jaipur. Thank you Richard for a wonderful flight!



Sweet Dreams

Block Print Sale 1

For those of you who haven’t caught up, we’re back in the land of curries, elephants, chaotic bazaars and the home of beautiful textiles. We’ve been working hard sourcing, designing and having a good old laugh at the weird and wonderful daily happenings – of which there are many! For instance, we stopped into LMB today, a popular restaurant in Jaipur, to find our waiter was most interested in our conversation. He stood next to our table and listened intently from the moment we sat down to the time we left, adding an obligatory nod to anything he found most agreeable and a look of disbelief at the comments he found surprising! A little unnerving to begin with but by the end we were in fits of laughter. Only in India…

Amidst all this activity, we just got up to speed with The Block (a minor miracle given the state of internet here) and spotted our block printed bedlinen along with our Amore kantha linen cushion! Pretty cool! So this week only we’re offering 25% off our luxurious block printed bedlinen… Ends this Sunday and stock is limited!

Bye for now xx



Shashi’s Chai


We’re not a food blog, but this is worth the exception! Shashi, the lady who taught us how to make true Indian masala chai, is quite the survivor. After welcoming us into her tiny abode, we realised she isn’t just a whizz in the kichen, but a woman with a story of tragedy, fate and resilience.

After dealing with the unexpected death of her husband and having two young children to raise and educate, Shashi began teaching what she knows best, traditional Indian recipes. Without knowing a word of English, she began passing on these time-honoured recipes, with the help of travelers to translate. Through years of teaching in her kitchen, Shashi learnt to speak six different languages and now has a thriving business in the heart of magical Udaipur. We certainly didn’t expect this inspiring story when we signed up for a cooking class!

After experiencing the warmth of this amazing woman and her home, I feel like I’m passing down my grandma’s much loved recipe here… So cherish it because it really is worth cherishing.

// Masala Chai Tea \\

Makes enough for 1

+ 1 cup of milk

+ 1/4 of a cup of water

+ 2 tbs of sugar (you can substitute this with honey)

+ 1 tbs of black tea leaves (darjeeling is best)

+ 2 cardamon pods

+ 4 whole black peppercorns

+ A sliver of fresh ginger

+ Pinch of dry basil

+ Pinch of nutmeg

Grind the cardamon, peppercorns and ginger in a mortar and pestle. Put all ingredients – milk, water, sugar, tea leaves, ground spices, basil and nutmeg – into a small saucepan and bring to the boil, simmering for about 5 minutes. The chai will start to become a coffee brown colour and should become aromatic. When the chai is ready, strain the liquid into a cup and enjoy!

See Shashi Cooking Classes for more information



An Indian Adventure

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As many of you know, I have a long-standing love affair with India. After spending a total of 3 months there last year, working with artisans to produce a collection of homewares and accessories, I dream of going back and doing it all again (early next year hopefully!). It may have something to do with why I find Maiyet’s latest campaign, featuring Daria Werbowy, so captivating. Finding familiarity in the images, I catch myself reflecting on my own memories of meandering through Varanasi and Jaipur, having visited the very places where this campaign was shot.

Innocent Smiles

Some of my most treasured memories of travelling through India recently was meeting all the cheerful children playing in the streets. They would race up squealing “Namaste” and stand proudly in anticipation of a photo. Here are a few of those moments my sister and I managed to capture. x


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