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1. Sage x Clare styling day one 2. Succulent garden on location 3. MMM for H&M launches today! 4. Candy stripe straws for launch event 5. Preparing Sage x Clare product 6. Styling for Twiggargerie 7. Branding decisions – so many options! 8. On location

P.s. Happy Birthday to my man – turning dirty 30 today!! x


Perhaps it is just wishful thinking, but with the popularity of blogs and online stores like Etsy, I feel like a more conscious consumerism is emerging. Sure, it is still so easy to jump on Strawberrynet or head to your nearest department store, but it feels so much more rewarding to purchase and support an actual individual striving to make their mark on this earth. With the time spent working on my own business and deciding what type of products and industries I want to support, I’ve really begun looking closely and admiring others out there who have a gift and passion that they share in their own small way. Which is why I was so taken by these exquisite hand-crafted, mostly organic, apothecary products. The brains behind FIG+YARROW, Brandy, describes her business as ‘essentially just a lady working away in her humble studio/kitchen’ practicing a form of kitchen alchemy. I cannot wait to try these products, made even more magic by the fact that each one has been made by hand with love.

To view the range and find out more, head here

Images via Etsy

In The Makeup Bag

So, I’m not going to con you with the usual beauty drivel – no, you won’t look like any of the Victoria’s Secret models, or have ridiculously perfect airbrushed skin, or fool anyone that you are not wearing ANY makeup. Unless, of course, you already look like this and all I can say is ‘lucky you!’ But, if you’re not expecting miracles, these products are the best I’ve ever used – and I have used a small fortune’s worth!

Terry de Gunzburg, the genius behind these By Terry products is French (need I say more!), is responsible for bringing you YSL’s cult favourite Touche Eclat, and has worked with the greatest names in fashion and beauty. However, if you don’t want to sell your car for some new additions to your makeup bag, I suggest you head here or find a dear friend overseas who you can send on a makeup mission (assuming you’re in Australia like me).

As for Mac- well don’t we all have a ‘can’t live without product’ from Mac?! Mine is this lip balm. What is yours?


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