My Week On Instagram # 2

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1. Prepping sage x clare blankets for the soft launch 2. On set with stylist Beck Simon 3. Chillin’ with my favourite man (nephew), Harry 4. The Design Files Open House view from the balcony 5. Soft launch details 6. All white bike 7. Lyn Gardner’s amazing home 8. Twiggargerie featured in TDF Open House 9. Peonies blooming 10. New favourite product – Kora luxurious rosehip oil 11. Rachel Castle’s cheerful artwork 12. sage x clare block print quilt


It isn’t every day you get to brag about your family and truly mean it… But in this case, I truly truly do. These super cute ‘twiggy bits’ are designed and made by my Dad and creative partner, Neats. How clever are they?! Made and painted by hand, each one is like a little piece of sunshine – they seriously make me happy just looking at them! They have been selected to appear in The Design Files Open House‘ event (which I blogged about here) and will also be available via my online store once it is launched.

The name for these beauties? Twiggargerie. If there is one thing Neats is good at (besides the obvious), it’s her knack for coming up with cute made-up words…

For more info or to order, head to their webpage at

Photography and styling by me

Out In The Open

The other day, I noticed a particularly stylish woman walking through a store. What made me notice her, was her unbelievably chic shoes. As she lolled about the fitting rooms, assisting with her friend’s fashion dilemmas, I literally had an internal argument with myself that went something like this -

should I ask her where her shoes are from?

No, don’t do that you loser!

But, I really want to know

I know you want to know, but people hate it when you ask them things like that

Please, let me just ask her quickly

No, you’ll just embarrass yourself and then it will be really, really awkward

So, after losing this argument with myself, I watched her and her shoes leave forever. Enter The Design Files Open House concept, which relieves the need for crazy internal dialogues…in an interior sense anyway. Set up like a real home, everything in it is available for purchase, from the couch down to the bedlinen. That’s right – you don’t even have to consider awkwardly asking where something is from. If you’re in Melbourne, you really must check it out – from Thursday November 29th to December 2nd. x

Kirra Jamison

Last year, during a visit to The Design Files Open House Exhibition (which I blogged about here), I came across Kirra Jamison’s art. With all of the other fabulous goodies exhibited around the home, it was Kirra’s work that stole the show. Isn’t it Aaaammmmmmazzzing?

Images from Kirra Jamison’s website

Open House

Absolutely loved the Open House concept by The Design Files that was held over the weekend. Not only was it fun to feel as though you were exploring someone’s home but you could actually buy anything and everything in it. I could have easily bought any one of Kirra Jamison’s colourful and stylised paintings – amazing! Did some experimenting with the new Nikon too on our way to a Mexican feast at Trippy Tacos. God I love Sundays…

Blazer/Topshop, Knit and Belt/Scanlan & Theodore, Jeans/Zara, Shoes/Zomp, Bag/Marc by Marc Jacobs


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