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To call a boucherouite a rug is a wild understatement! ‘Artisanal masterpiece’ or ‘work of art’ are more the terms that come to mind…

These one-of-a-kind masterpieces are specific to the rural Berber tribes of Morocco and are made by hand using recycled remnants of fabric. Aside from the obvious lessons we can learn here in resourcefulness and recycling, perhaps the most magical lesson to be learned is the beauty of free expression. The pattern, style and colours are at the whim of the weaver! Ranging from sublimely subdued to inspiringly vibrant, each boucherouite is as striking as the next and charmingly imperfect. A masterclass in liberation from the moulds of perfection!

Use your boucherouite to add playfulness to your space – whether it be as a floor covering, wall hanging or decorative bedcover. We’ve curated the most magical collection of boucherouites, with more becoming available every week. Shop the look here!

Images via Pinterest and Sage and Clare



Accessorise Me!

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Our latest accessories range is in!

Each piece is handmade by our incredible artisans and is reminiscent of our recent travels through India and Morocco. Find this vibrant, gypsy-inspired new range here!

We’ve also recently introduced free Australia-wide shipping. Happy shopping!

Thank you for your continuing support! xx



Shades of Blue

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Our recent time in Morocco was an unexpected masterclass in interior decoration… Examples of bold statements and pattern play were on show everywhere we looked! This Marrakech home, as featured recently in Inside Out, is no exception… Restored by American-born Caitlin and Samuel of Popham Design, it looks like they’re truly living the Moroccan expat dream! Oh the temptation…

Images via Inside Out Magazine. Photography by Richard Powers.



Morocco Snapshots

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Some snaps of our recent trip to Morocco… x

1. One of the Fez babs // 2. Street of Fez // 3. Stairway to rooftop at Dar Roumana // 4. Looking back at Moulay Idriss // 5. Dar Seffarine courtyard // 6. Dar Seffarine details // 7. Hotel du Tresor dining room // 8. Fez home // 9. Our room at Dar Roumana // 10. Some boucherouite rugs coming soon to Sage and Clare // 11. Dar Seffarine details // 12. Bird silhouettes at dusk // 13. Jardine Majorelle in Marrakech // 14. Colourful stairs in Moulay Idriss // 15. Hotel du Tresor courtyard // 16. Streets of Fez // 17. Dar Roumana details // 18. Fez rooftops // 19. Dar Seffarine nook // 20. Palm trees in Marrakech // 21. Looking down into Hotel du Tresor



Du Tresor

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You know your obsession to plan holidays has reached an all-time high (or should I say low?) when you begin researching over a year out from your departure date. Not only does it make it a particularly long 12 + months, but you also get confused looks from people when you clarify that the trip you’ve been planning is not happening in 2013 but 2014…

You can probably guess where this is going…

After deciding to head off on another buying trip for May/June/July next year, my excited planning has begun. Which is how I stumbled across this old Riad in Marrakesh, Hotel du Tresor. So understated, yet bursting with eclectic touches reminiscent of Morocco and its history, it seems like the ideal base to explore the souks.

P.s. I’ve never been to Morocco so would love to hear what your favourite places are x

Images via Hotel du Tresor and Lonngren Widell


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