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After spending two weeks on the trot, working, visiting suppliers, and having minor meltdowns at some of India’s ways, we finally treated ourselves at the amazing Raas Hotel in Jodhpur… While we couldn’t quite afford a night in the peace and tranquility of this hotel, we were more than happy to dine at their restaurant. With stunning views of the Jodhpur fort and a garden that transports you to another time and place, it was well worth it!

Jemmi x

Images via Raas Hotel website



Moda Familia

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It is pretty hard to stand out in the online world (trust me, I know!) but every now and again I stumble across a jewel. I think calling Moda Familia a blog is wildly unfair, so I’m going to brand it my new favourite online publication. For someone who is online for hours a day, that is quite a call!

I literally love everything about this online space. The design, brand aesthetic, ambitious writing, dreamy photography, oh the list could go on! But what I love most is the theme that ties it all together – working Mums and their children. Now hold up – I’m not talking about the best brand of nappy rash cream (oh no!) or the latest sleep school (definitely not!)… I’m talking inspiring women, fused with fashion, interiors, life lessons, mindfulness and family. From Pippa Holt to Mimi Thorisson, it is aspirational, content-rich and I am addicted!

I don’t even have kids… Need I say more?

Image via Moda Familia. Photography by Oddur Thorisson.



Sea Change


It is pretty rare that a whole week goes by without me posting a thing. Is moving house a good enough excuse? After a pretty hectic week, we’ve finally moved into our new apartment, which we’ve waited 3 years to be built since apprehensively signing on the dotted line. Coming from a 3 bedroom house in the burbs, it feels like a novelty to be living back in the city. Something to be said for minimal living…

Things I {actually} Love

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A couple of months ago, following the release of Megan Morton’s latest book ‘Things I Love‘, I very nearly blogged about it. But having not seen the newly published book myself, I resisted, expecting it to be yet another interiors book that leaves you feeling underwhelmed.

So why am I blogging about it now? Well, on a shoot last week, I finally got my hands on this book as it sat pile high with other titles ready for propping. Stalking this book all day and awaiting a spare moment to flick through its pages, I was amazed when I found it to be so much more than a simple coffee table book. Bursting with hands-on tips, super cute postcards, uplifting images, and just that little extra Megan Morton magic, this book will be a sure favourite on my bookshelf.

If you’re feeling at all lacklustre right now, get yours here. It will leave you with feelings of cheer and light. Promise x

Images via Penguin

The Nook

One day I want a home full of nooks… x

Images via Pinterest

Gypset Travel

I really must warn you that a flip through Julia Chaplin’s latest offering, Gypset Travel, may see you making some rather hasty but gloriously irresponsible decisions – aka – quitting your job and buying a round-the-world ticket. But who wouldn’t want to be a gypsetter (that would be a gypsy + jet-setter) when it looks so damn magical?

To buy – and don’t say I didn’t warn you – go here. You’ll also find her other book Gypet Style, which may indeed just push you over the edge x


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