Wild Spirit

I freaking love this girl…

Elle France July 2012

Peruvian Princess

Who said you couldn’t combine vibrant colour, clashing prints, embellishments of every kind, and fun headwear?! Loving the intricate layers that have been built to create this rich visual journey… x

Vogue Korea July 2012

Images from Fashion Gone Rogue

Dearest Proenza Schouler

You might think I’m being a little melodramatic when I say I felt a weight lift off my shoulders when I came across these jeans this morning. But… really… I actually did. Have you ever seen a MORE perfect pair of blue denim jeans?! I feel more indebted to the boys of Proenza Schouler right now than anyone else in my entire life. Apologies to my friends and family who are reading this – no offence… (like that statement was ever an effective disclaimer). No but seriously, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND…

Available this month, the search is finally over x

Images via The Zoe Report and Style.com


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