Lyndie Dourthe


I recently stumbled upon the very sweet, almost ethereal work of french artist Lyndie Dourthe.

Her paper sculptures, makings and flowers are so delicate and precious it feels like they’ve come straight from some sort of fairy tale.

I could imagine having one of her creations as a wedding posy…

Jemmi x

Images via Lyndie Dourthe


It isn’t every day you get to brag about your family and truly mean it… But in this case, I truly truly do. These super cute ‘twiggy bits’ are designed and made by my Dad and creative partner, Neats. How clever are they?! Made and painted by hand, each one is like a little piece of sunshine – they seriously make me happy just looking at them! They have been selected to appear in The Design Files Open House‘ event (which I blogged about here) and will also be available via my online store once it is launched.

The name for these beauties? Twiggargerie. If there is one thing Neats is good at (besides the obvious), it’s her knack for coming up with cute made-up words…

For more info or to order, head to their webpage at

Photography and styling by me


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