Is Was Will Be

Iswas + Willbe design their jewellery for the journey… And, after browsing their collection online, I would say it is a journey not worth taking without my very own piece from this jewellery-making duo. Their design inspiration comes from Mother Nature herself, with each piece – as the designers put it – craftily made on Earth. No way?!! To check out these little lovelies, head here x


After years of killing every herb garden, succulent, and geranium, my Mum came over with a yucca plant and said, “This plant is almost impossible to kill.” Well that was two years ago now, and after battling it out, I am ashamed to say that the yucca plant may not make it. Sorry Mum! Any guest with a basic knowledge of plants, stares in disbelief at it and exclaims, “How the hell did you manage to do that?!”… It is kind of embarrassing.

So you can imagine how enamoured I am with these little treasures from Waterstone Succulents. Hand made from gypsum cement, they recreate the delights of succulent specimens without the burden of actually caring for them. In neon and metallic colours, aren’t they just perfect?

Find them here

Images via Waterstone Succulents


Perhaps it is just wishful thinking, but with the popularity of blogs and online stores like Etsy, I feel like a more conscious consumerism is emerging. Sure, it is still so easy to jump on Strawberrynet or head to your nearest department store, but it feels so much more rewarding to purchase and support an actual individual striving to make their mark on this earth. With the time spent working on my own business and deciding what type of products and industries I want to support, I’ve really begun looking closely and admiring others out there who have a gift and passion that they share in their own small way. Which is why I was so taken by these exquisite hand-crafted, mostly organic, apothecary products. The brains behind FIG+YARROW, Brandy, describes her business as ‘essentially just a lady working away in her humble studio/kitchen’ practicing a form of kitchen alchemy. I cannot wait to try these products, made even more magic by the fact that each one has been made by hand with love.

To view the range and find out more, head here

Images via Etsy

The Fox And The Flower

When I stumbled across Kari Herer’s still life photography artwork I was… how do I put it in words?… Exhilarated, thrilled, enlivened, completely and utterly inspired! Not only am I wholly enchanted with the talents and creativity of the people that surround me, but it is also the incredible strangers in the world that touch and amaze me. Find these stunning works of art here

The Big Harumph

I’m not so good at expressing myself, especially when it comes to matters of love. I can squeeze out an “I love you”, but ask me to expand on that and I’m useless. I guess you could say I have  some issues?! That is why I love the big harumph’s colourful and graphic linocut prints, which say the things I want to but without sounding mushy. Not to mention how fun they are for your walls. Find them here


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