DIY Quilt Light

Now described as ‘the darling of Australian craft design’, Tamara Maynes is the DIY genius behind these quilt lights. Available for purchase from the six week boutique, these lights will come in the form of a template, all ready for you to paint, washi tape, stitch, or embellish in whichever way takes your fancy. And if you don’t like DIYing on your lonesome, workshops are also available to join fellow inspired DIYers in Melbourne and Sydney. I fear, in a short while, you’ll find me covered in washi tape and cardboard clippings, sitting in a home lit up like a Christmas tree. I can get sorta addicted to these projects…

Bundles Of Joy

I never grew out of pom poms… In fact, the older I get the more I seem to love them. Kind of like fairy bread… Please tell me I’m not the only one? x

Images via Pinterest

Wool And The Gang

In case you haven’t picked up on my love of knitwear, I LOVE KNITWEAR!!! I also have a love of making things by hand. That is where Wool and the Gang’s kits come in – choose what you’d like to make and buy the kit, which comes complete with wool, knitting needles, instructions, and a sewing needle. Could they have made it any easier to create your very own chunky, wooly, masterpiece?! I’m just heading here to buy their Jolie Mimi Cardigan kit in ivory white.

P.s. Did I mention, my lastest crush Izziyana Suhaimi is collaborating with WATG? Stay tuned…

Images via here and here


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