Finding Love

Well that certainly got your attention didn’t it?! Sorry to say but I won’t be giving you some enjoyably cringe-worthy rhetoric on my love life and how to find it. I am referring more to how hard it can be to find content I love enough to post about. Most weeks, I am bursting with ideas and inspired by almost everything I happen to come across, and other weeks I am scouring my go-to sources in a panicked state. And really, when will you ever find anything in a state like that?

This week has been one of those weeks… Feeling rather lackluster, which may have something to do with the fact that everything I touch either seems to go wrong or stop working, I have been struggling to feel that hint of exhilaration when you discover something truly special. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s me… it really is.

So in an attempt to get brainstorming I stepped back and…

a. Poured through the pages of Sibella Court’s ‘Etcetera

b. Reminisced over travel photos

c. Bought my first sketch book and pencil set and began sketching ideas

d. Re-opened one of my favourite books – Recycled Home by Sally and Mark Bailey

e. Indulged in some retail therapy

f. Hell, I even bought some neon thread just because I liked the colour

I wouldn’t exactly say I am cured from my failure to see brilliance yet, but things are on the up. It got me thinking though, how many of you lovely fellow bloggers have similar days or weeks? Or is it just me? Do you wait patiently until that inspiration comes back or do you have rituals, places, or things that help? I’m off to style a Summer wardrobe today – let’s see what the day will bring!


My Heart Wanders

It is quite something when a stranger, who you only know as far as their online persona, can inspire and motivate you to start following your dreams… That is exactly what Pia Jane Bijkerk of Pia Jane Bijkerk blog did to me as I regularly stopped by her blog to relish in the peaceful, dreamlike, and wholesome atmosphere created by her images and words. Pia’s books are equally magical and meditative and can now be bought via her own bookstore, with the treat of being signed and wrapped by Pia herself. Enjoy x

Images via Pia’s blog

Gypset Travel

I really must warn you that a flip through Julia Chaplin’s latest offering, Gypset Travel, may see you making some rather hasty but gloriously irresponsible decisions – aka – quitting your job and buying a round-the-world ticket. But who wouldn’t want to be a gypsetter (that would be a gypsy + jet-setter) when it looks so damn magical?

To buy – and don’t say I didn’t warn you – go here. You’ll also find her other book Gypet Style, which may indeed just push you over the edge x

Almost Library

I’ve got a bit of a thing for books. Not only do they provide an endless source of inspiration, I also love them stacked around the home. Every so often I go on a book splurge and spend days putting together my ideal book list, buy online, and then await my package of crisp, beautiful books to arrive. While I was in India for 10 weeks, I could not stop buying books – which is rather senseless when traveling. I carted them around, sent some home, and even paid a rather expensive excess baggage fee rather than offload any of them at the airport. I bet you’re thinking I’m crazy… and yes, I would tend to agree. Here are some stacks around my home, which make up a very small amount of books I own. I could almost have a library….

What are you guys reading right now?

Lazy Days

I love a day where I can work from home, in my pajamas, as the sun streams in through the windows. Bliss x


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