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A couple of months ago, following the release of Megan Morton’s latest book ‘Things I Love‘, I very nearly blogged about it. But having not seen the newly published book myself, I resisted, expecting it to be yet another interiors book that leaves you feeling underwhelmed.

So why am I blogging about it now? Well, on a shoot last week, I finally got my hands on this book as it sat pile high with other titles ready for propping. Stalking this book all day and awaiting a spare moment to flick through its pages, I was amazed when I found it to be so much more than a simple coffee table book. Bursting with hands-on tips, super cute postcards, uplifting images, and just that little extra Megan Morton magic, this book will be a sure favourite on my bookshelf.

If you’re feeling at all lacklustre right now, get yours here. It will leave you with feelings of cheer and light. Promise x

Images via Penguin

Dragon Tattoo

Anyone with a penchant for Stieg Larsson’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and the computer-hacking investigator protagonist Lisbet Salander, should probably start getting excited around about… now. We’re one day away from the release of costumer designer and stylist Trish Summerville’s collection, and, while dressing like a main character from a soon-to-be Hollywood blockbuster may not be your thing, the collection remains undeniably cool (all at an H&M price point too). Find it here… P.s. The leather jacket and pants are my picks!


On my wish list…


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