Navy Baby

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With all the bags out there on the market, I am forever amazed at how hard it is to find the perfect everyday bag. I should rephrase that statement by saying, the perfect everyday bag that doesn’t cost $3000. Add to that the criteria that is has to be navy and then that it has to be the right type of navy, and I realised I’d set myself quite the conquest.

As if by some miracle and some serious patience on my behalf, Alexander Wang has just released his famed Rocco bag in a matte black studded, deliciously grainy, perfectly navy version. Still sufficiently over budget – but after selling most of my wardrobe on eBay I don’t feel so bad – this bag will hopefully see me through each day with a great deal of contentment that I found my bag at last.

What is your favourite bag?

Clan Nomada

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If it was a little more, shall we say, ‘acceptable’ (even though I hate how conformist I sound when I say that) to dress like this on a daily basis, then I absolutely would. Love everything about it…

‘Clan Nomada’ in the January Issue of S Moda


1. Unique by Topshop 2. Acne 3. Isabel Marant 4. Dagmar 5. Mango 6. Alexander Wang 7. Mango 8. Gienchi

Sweater Weather

While I’m sweating it out in 42 degree heat in Rajasthan, I can’t help but dream of cooler weather and how crazy in love I am with these sweaters…

1. Helmut Lang/ 2. Alexander Wang/ 3. Jason Wu/ 4. Maje/ 5. KARL/ 6. Etoile Isabel Marant


Today is the first day of Summer here in Australia. Normally I breathe a sigh of relief at this time of year that Winter is behind us and we are now in the season of sunshine, beaches, and balmy nights. But, I have to say the sight of these sweaters has me completely confused! So much so that I wish the weather would turn and I could therefore justify buying any one of these sweaters to cosy up in. Rain – PLEASE!!

Joseph, Isabel Marant, Etoile Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Jil Sander


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