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Never thought we’d get here, but we made it! Be one of the first to check us out at

Big love xxx

The Eve Of…

Soft Furnishings 11 (14)

sage and clare will have everything from rugs to throws, cushions to bedlinen, furniture to art… and everything in between! Cannot wait to share with you… x

All available tomorrow!

Styled by me – image via sage and clare

Counting down


Cannot believe that we’re four days away from launching! x

Sage and Clare will be live on Friday 15th November

Home Run

Lookbook S x C - Version 3

With a great deal of enthusiasm and a fair sense of delusion, we embarked on a journey 18 months ago to start an online store presenting homewares and accessories that celebrate the handmade, the unique, the eclectic. What we didn’t bank on, was how long it would take to get this project off the ground. Working single-handedly for the most part and doing it all ourselves, everything I have has gone into this and more.

We are finally on the home run now and will be launching by the end of this month. I am everything from petrified, exhilirated, proud, hopeful, exhausted, and inspired. I hope you’re ready…


Didn’t See It Coming

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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have a severe case of Birkenstocks on my mind. Literally cannot stop thinking about them.

We can thank Celine for the unpredicted revival of these both cool and ugly sandals, which many of us had probably written off for good.

I owned three pairs when I was 14, but threw them away for fear of the embarrassment I’d cause myself if I continued to wear them. However, my secret love of them never waned! As soon as the weather heats up I’ll be proudly wearing the Arizona style with my latest purchase – the Acne Pop Betty boyfriend jeans … What do you think of them? Camp love or camp hate?

Images via Pinterest. For more inspiration, check out Bassike’s latest lookbook

& Other Stories

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I have my lovely London-based sister to thank for this latest post. With a finger firmly on the pulse, she excitedly told me about the launch of & Other StoriesH&M’s latest endeavour. With interesting silhouettes, clean lines, and a design edge that is rare among retailers of this size, I can see this becoming an exciting and different mainstay on the retail front. And the real triumph – the shoes!! What are your thoughts? x

P.s. Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments recently. It makes blogging so rewarding!

Images via & Other Stories


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