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textiles of the world

We can never get enough of the beauty found in kantha blankets… Colourful, patterned and hand embroidered, each is as inspiring as the next. Team with luxurious block printed fabrics and you’ll take your space from run-of-the-mill to bohemian luxe.

textiles of the world 1

Pattern play and clashing prints is our mantra! Never be afraid to mix and match…

textiles of the world 2

Moroccan vintage handira blankets are just magical. Handwoven and embellished by Berber women, we love the way they sparkle.

textiles of the world 3

Display your handwoven dhurrie on the floor or on the wall…

SXC1 1 (1)

Handwoven basket + berber cushion + boucherouite rug + vintage handira = A Moroccan dream

textiles of the world 4

A few one-of-a-kind berber cushions surrounded by greenery and cactus is all it takes to create a gypsy-inspired lounge.

textiles of the world 5

We love how this Hollywood Hills home has recreated a Moroccan riad vibe with layers of tribal rugs and cushions. Perfection!

textiles of the world 6

A lesson in relaxed boho living…

textiles of the world 7

Cover your not so appealing couch with kantha blankets and cushions to create a cosy, inspiring nook. Add a suzani textile from Uzbekistan (as wall hanging) and set the perfect boho hideaway scene.

textiles of the world 8

Moroccan wedding blanket bed heads… Yes!

textiles of the world 9

You can never have too many layers… Or fiddle leaf figs for that matter.

textiles of the world 11

Faded hues and layers of textured rugs for those in need of a quiet yet atmospheric space.

SXC1 5

Or, amp up the impact of berber cushions and blankets with saturated colours and neon highlights.

textiles of the world 12

Dhurrie covered sofa with tassle fringing – aahhh can it get any better?!

textiles of the world 13

A subdued kilim rug and kantha blanket compliment this wonderfully eclectic home.

Images via Pinterest and Sage and Clare



Gypsy Kid

Captain & The Gypsy KidCaptain & The Gypsy Kid 3Captain & The Gypsy Kid 1Captain & The Gypsy Kid 11Captain & The Gypsy Kid 12Captain & The Gypsy Kid 10Captain & The Gypsy Kid 6Captain & The Gypsy Kid 5Captain & The Gypsy Kid 13Captain & The Gypsy Kid 14Captain & The Gypsy Kid 15Captain & The Gypsy Kid 2Captain & The Gypsy Kid 4

Loving the Elle Magazine shoot featuring the home of Captain and the Gypsy Kid - one of our all time favourite sources of fashion and interior inspiration!

Jemmi x

Images via captain and the gypsy kid, photography by micheal naumoff



Beach Dreaming

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 a little something to help you through the chilly Melbourne winter! And to help me through my post holiday depression!

Jemmi x

Images via pinterest



Shades of Blue

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.31.52 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.32.11 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.32.36 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.33.12 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.33.34 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.34.07 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.34.36 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.35.04 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.35.34 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.36.13 pm Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.36.42 pm

Our recent time in Morocco was an unexpected masterclass in interior decoration… Examples of bold statements and pattern play were on show everywhere we looked! This Marrakech home, as featured recently in Inside Out, is no exception… Restored by American-born Caitlin and Samuel of Popham Design, it looks like they’re truly living the Moroccan expat dream! Oh the temptation…

Images via Inside Out Magazine. Photography by Richard Powers.



Moda Familia

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.57.10 pm

It is pretty hard to stand out in the online world (trust me, I know!) but every now and again I stumble across a jewel. I think calling Moda Familia a blog is wildly unfair, so I’m going to brand it my new favourite online publication. For someone who is online for hours a day, that is quite a call!

I literally love everything about this online space. The design, brand aesthetic, ambitious writing, dreamy photography, oh the list could go on! But what I love most is the theme that ties it all together – working Mums and their children. Now hold up – I’m not talking about the best brand of nappy rash cream (oh no!) or the latest sleep school (definitely not!)… I’m talking inspiring women, fused with fashion, interiors, life lessons, mindfulness and family. From Pippa Holt to Mimi Thorisson, it is aspirational, content-rich and I am addicted!

I don’t even have kids… Need I say more?

Image via Moda Familia. Photography by Oddur Thorisson.



Light Space Yoga

ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_25ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_37 ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_Square_94ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_Square_52 ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_36ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_Square_73 ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_Square_95ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_48ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_Square_98ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_30ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_Square_85ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_40ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_Square_93ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_Square_55 ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_Square_101ChrisBagot_LightSpaceYoga_Select_151

I’ve been a busy little bee the last few weeks, after being asked to design and style a brand new yoga studio in Balwyn – Light Space Yoga. My job was to turn a rather uninspiring office shell into an inviting sanctuary for yoga practice. This is the result! The space is so blissful, I never even want to go home! The project, of course, was a collaboration between the builder, Matt Snart, and studio owners, Greg, Clare & Susan. We all shared the same vision, making it a most enjoyable project to work on. What do you think?! xx

Opens this Saturday, with spaces available from Sunday onwards. Offering blissful yoga, organic fruit, and calming herbal teas every day of the week! More details at Light Space Yoga

Photography by Chris Bagot (to contact: chrisbagot1@gmail.com) and styling by me




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