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It is pretty hard to stand out in the online world (trust me, I know!) but every now and again I stumble across a jewel. I think calling Moda Familia a blog is wildly unfair, so I’m going to brand it my new favourite online publication. For someone who is online for hours a day, that is quite a call!

I literally love everything about this online space. The design, brand aesthetic, ambitious writing, dreamy photography, oh the list could go on! But what I love most is the theme that ties it all together – working Mums and their children. Now hold up – I’m not talking about the best brand of nappy rash cream (oh no!) or the latest sleep school (definitely not!)… I’m talking inspiring women, fused with fashion, interiors, life lessons, mindfulness and family. From Pippa Holt to Mimi Thorisson, it is aspirational, content-rich and I am addicted!

I don’t even have kids… Need I say more?

Image via Moda Familia. Photography by Oddur Thorisson.



Light Space Yoga

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I’ve been a busy little bee the last few weeks, after being asked to design and style a brand new yoga studio in Balwyn – Light Space Yoga. My job was to turn a rather uninspiring office shell into an inviting sanctuary for yoga practice. This is the result! The space is so blissful, I never even want to go home! The project, of course, was a collaboration between the builder, Matt Snart, and studio owners, Greg, Clare & Susan. We all shared the same vision, making it a most enjoyable project to work on. What do you think?! xx

Opens this Saturday, with spaces available from Sunday onwards. Offering blissful yoga, organic fruit, and calming herbal teas every day of the week! More details at Light Space Yoga

Photography by Chris Bagot (to contact: and styling by me



Shashi’s Chai


We’re not a food blog, but this is worth the exception! Shashi, the lady who taught us how to make true Indian masala chai, is quite the survivor. After welcoming us into her tiny abode, we realised she isn’t just a whizz in the kichen, but a woman with a story of tragedy, fate and resilience.

After dealing with the unexpected death of her husband and having two young children to raise and educate, Shashi began teaching what she knows best, traditional Indian recipes. Without knowing a word of English, she began passing on these time-honoured recipes, with the help of travelers to translate. Through years of teaching in her kitchen, Shashi learnt to speak six different languages and now has a thriving business in the heart of magical Udaipur. We certainly didn’t expect this inspiring story when we signed up for a cooking class!

After experiencing the warmth of this amazing woman and her home, I feel like I’m passing down my grandma’s much loved recipe here… So cherish it because it really is worth cherishing.

// Masala Chai Tea \\

Makes enough for 1

+ 1 cup of milk

+ 1/4 of a cup of water

+ 2 tbs of sugar (you can substitute this with honey)

+ 1 tbs of black tea leaves (darjeeling is best)

+ 2 cardamon pods

+ 4 whole black peppercorns

+ A sliver of fresh ginger

+ Pinch of dry basil

+ Pinch of nutmeg

Grind the cardamon, peppercorns and ginger in a mortar and pestle. Put all ingredients – milk, water, sugar, tea leaves, ground spices, basil and nutmeg – into a small saucepan and bring to the boil, simmering for about 5 minutes. The chai will start to become a coffee brown colour and should become aromatic. When the chai is ready, strain the liquid into a cup and enjoy!

See Shashi Cooking Classes for more information



From the Apothecary


Having trouble containing my excitement at the introduction of Fig + Yarrow on Sage and Clare. Rare that I get this excited about skin and body care, but in this case it really is worthy of all the fuss. Made in Colorado in a small artisan apothecary, every product is handcrafted from organic, raw and natural ingredients. And I don’t mean “natural”, I mean NATURAL… if you catch my drift.

The perfect Christmas gifts for both men and women, I’m considering gifting one of everything to myself! Don’t mind if I do… x



Gift Ideas


With Christmas fast approaching, here are some magical gift ideas from our online store…

Clockwise from top left - ambrai heart on neon thread – from $39 // geisha vintage kantha cushion - $79 // alay antique effect votive – $19 // shashi vintage platter – from $59

Lazy Days

Decorative 13 (3)

Hope you’re enjoying the start to your weekend! Aren’t Saturday mornings the best?! If you haven’t had a chance to check out sage and clare yet, be sure to jump on… These vintage, handmade kantha cushions and blankets are all one-off pieces that add cheeriness and colour to a space instantly. We’re offering 10% off this weekend to celebrate our launch – use code ‘launch10′.

Enjoy! x


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