Out In The Open

The other day, I noticed a particularly stylish woman walking through a store. What made me notice her, was her unbelievably chic shoes. As she lolled about the fitting rooms, assisting with her friend’s fashion dilemmas, I literally had an internal argument with myself that went something like this –

should I ask her where her shoes are from?

No, don’t do that you loser!

But, I really want to know

I know you want to know, but people hate it when you ask them things like that

Please, let me just ask her quickly

No, you’ll just embarrass yourself and then it will be really, really awkward

So, after losing this argument with myself, I watched her and her shoes leave forever. Enter The Design Files Open House concept, which relieves the need for crazy internal dialogues…in an interior sense anyway. Set up like a real home, everything in it is available for purchase, from the couch down to the bedlinen. That’s right – you don’t even have to consider awkwardly asking where something is from. If you’re in Melbourne, you really must check it out – from Thursday November 29th to December 2nd. x


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  1. Loved this! I would SO have asked her where she got the shoes – it would haunt my dreams otherwise!! Just call me L-O-S-E-R….😊

  2. You should ALWAYS ask. Not only does it sooth your internal torment, but gives her a lovely compliment that will make her day. Now you are a loser bacause you don’t know where the shoes are from!!!

  3. Ask! the maximum that she will do is tell you the brand :P

  4. Always ask! She would probably feel honoured!
    And the Open Day looks very interesting! Already fell in love with the poster haha!


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