White Space

Although the sun had already risen by the time I woke this morning, I started my day with sun salutations at the glorious White Space Yoga Studio in Camberwell. As I drove there, my head was pounding and I wanted nothing more than to turn around and go home. So glad I didn’t, as by the end of the class my headache was gone and I was feeling calm and refreshed. A reminder that it pays to take some time out and stop… Thanks Clare for a lovely class x

Image via spiritual gangster

Bucket List

After cancelling a trip earlier this year to start a business, I very reluctantly had to cancel my booking at the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica. It is still on my bucket list and I cannot wait to get there one day… Doesn’t it look incredible? x

A Good Yarn

Images via Pinterest and by me

A Changing Season

The relaxed, nostalgic, and natural atmosphere captured by Marcus Ohlsson, for the August edition of Velvet Magazine, is stunning…

Images via FGR


After years of killing every herb garden, succulent, and geranium, my Mum came over with a yucca plant and said, “This plant is almost impossible to kill.” Well that was two years ago now, and after battling it out, I am ashamed to say that the yucca plant may not make it. Sorry Mum! Any guest with a basic knowledge of plants, stares in disbelief at it and exclaims, “How the hell did you manage to do that?!”… It is kind of embarrassing.

So you can imagine how enamoured I am with these little treasures from Waterstone Succulents. Hand made from gypsum cement, they recreate the delights of succulent specimens without the burden of actually caring for them. In neon and metallic colours, aren’t they just perfect?

Find them here

Images via Waterstone Succulents

Ceremonial Collection

Aaaahhhh…. at last! A different spin on the bridal look…. Love the vintage, dream-like, Victorian, slightly gothic vibe to this collection from Bona Drag. This collaborative project includes the likes of Mara Hoffman, Pamela Love, Lindsey Thornburg, With Hearts in My Eyes, Anna Sheffield, Unearthen, Samantha Pleet, and Meredith Kahn of Made Her Think. Phew… What a line-up!

Find it here x


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