Wild Spirit

I freaking love this girl…

Elle France July 2012

PS I Love You

The single word ‘Ikea’ can make the hairs stand up on anyone’s neck. Instantly, memories flood back of being caught in the Ikea maze, screaming children, fighting couples – and that’s even before you get home. Oh yes, there are a whole set of new challenges once you make it home – usually involving putting the item together wrongly and then taking it apart with the realisation that you may in fact need to follow the instruction manual. Despite the emotional warfare that is the Ikea shop, I can’t help myself going back for more. I don’t know, maybe I even like the struggle.

With the release of the 7th Ikea PS Collection available this year, the endurance of this love/hate relationship certainly seems worth the work, especially for that glorious sofa x

Images via Ikea

The Wild Unknown

I have such admiration and appreciation for those highly talented people out there who keep it simple and bring inspiration into the world in their own small way. Here are two people, creating and sharing the most beautiful little drawings and music, from a wood cabin they built. So special. x

Visit The Wild Unknown for a little piece of their magic…

Images via The Wild Unknown


Images via Pinterest

In The Black

Been looking for a slightly faded, slightly distressed pair of black jeans for some time. This latest arrival to H&M could just be them… At 29 pounds, I certainly hope so x

Find them here!

Western Bandits

So perfect, so right, so now, so staggering. The latest look book from The 2 Bandits

Images via The 2 Bandits


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