On The List

These are the first pair of sandals I’ve found and loved in quite some time. Find them at Zara!

Varanasi By Boat

I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed at 5am this morning… and… I’m very glad I did! Witnessing sunrise on the Ganges – pilgrims bathing, holy men performing prayer, dhobi wallahs washing clothes, and bodies being prepared for cremation – made for a morning I will never forget.

Fashion Against Aids

Love these cut-offs from H&M‘s Fashion Against Aids collection… With 25% of the purchase price donated to Aids prevention, it is basically guilt-free shopping combined with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Could it get any better? You can find them here x

The Press Kit

Just a little bit excited at the Mango FW’ 12 preview!


Taj Mahal at dawn…


Via Birds of a Feather


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