While I can’t understand a word of this magazine (as it is all in Swedish), I still love the styling and photography that creative director Elin Kling brings to every issue. The next one is out tomorrow! Can’t wait to get reading… Or should I say, looking at the pretty pictures…20120326-202329.jpg









Despite being here on business, there are many precious moments where India reminds you to stop and see the simple beauty around you. These are just a few so far… x

I Want To Be French

Vogue Paris April 2012

Birthday Jacket

I could hardly believe it when, after checking into a hotel with reliable internet, I finally got to browse the Marni for H&M collection and found this jacket still available! Seeing as it’s my birthday in less than a week it only made sense to use some birthday money (Thanks Dad!) to score one of the best pieces from the entire collection. How I love birthdays…


Arrived into Jaisalmer, the first stop on our buying trip, after a scenic and atmospheric 18 hour train ride from Delhi. It is quite magical shopping in a 950 year old fort that is still thriving with life and observing the handicrafts that have continued on for centuries. Unfortunately, I have been a little out of action with a bad cold, but we’ve managed to find some incredible pieces so far. Super excited!!


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